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​Dare to be inspired.


"There is so much care and dedication in everything the man does and it really comes through in this documentary. ...I urge you to seek this movie out."

- Alice Hubley, Cinehouse

"Is Art of Darkness essential festival viewing?  Absolutely, Saunders' thoughts are easy to follow and his portraits are a pleasure to view."

- Toronto Film Scene, Toronto's Online Film Magazine

"(Catalin Marin's) original music choices were brilliant!  Given the subject matter, the emotions he evoked through each image gave the film the layered texture it deserved!  Kudos!"

- John Dash, Film Critic for T-Mak World

COming soon!


On March 30, 1995 artist Bryan Lewis Saunders decided to do a self portrait every day for the rest of his life.  Twenty years later, he has never missed a day.  On March 30, 2015 Art of Darkness, a feature film documentary on Bryan’s incredible journey will be released internationally.  Many people will know Bryan from his “drug series” of self portraits where, as a month long art experiment, he drew himself under the influence of a myriad of mind-altering drugs.  But that’s only a small part; a glimpse into Bryan Lewis Saunders’ mesmerizing journey through the Art of Darkness. Available on March 30, 2015 worldwide*.  

*Available March 30, 2015 on iTunes and Google Play in select countries.  More countries will be added throughout the year.  

The film will also be available on DVD and BluRay later in the year.  Check for details. 

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