Bryan Lewis Saunders - Artist

"To be honest I'm not proud to be on any drugs in any pictures.  I think drugs make me look really ugly.  I'm really a six trick pony but the world only likes one of my tricks.  Each year over 500,000 kids around the world discover drugs and so the virus never dies."  - Bryan Lewis Saunders

David parker - Producer/Director

art of darknesS



​Dare to be inspired.

David Parker is an award-winning writer/producer/director.  He is a versatile filmmaker who has produced two feature films, Motel and The Long Weekend, that were distributed international and now can be found on Vimeo on Demand.  He has also produced dozens of short films and hundreds of corporate communications videos.  Art of Darkness is his first, feature length documentary. 

Art of Darkness is a feature documentary intimately profiling controversial painter and performance artist Bryan Lewis Saunders. Bryan is renowned for his commitment to producing a self portrait every day, which, to date, number well over 10,000. A complex individual with admitted psychopathic tendencies, Bryan recalls the experiences that have shaped him and how he uses art to help tame his inner demons. Bryan's famed 'drug series' of self portraits while under the influence of a variety of mind-altering substances, has made him an internet sensation garnering a legion of loyal fans worldwide.​